Design a Hat

Design a Hat

Most mother of the bride/grooms are never sure what type of hat, colour, shape, size and style to go for to complement their dress. It can be very hard to try to find the ‘one’.

If you have an idea in your head it can be very frustrating trying to locate the identical style that is also the correct colour. A great idea is to get a milliner to design and make it up especially for you.

Designing your very own hat and having it bespoke made will mean that you can go away knowing your hat is 100% unique and no one will have anything similar to you; perfect for the Mother of the bride/ groom! This way you can have everything the way you like it in a perfectly created colour scheme with embellishment to match your outfit. When having a bespoke item made for you, you will have complete control over everything from the colour to the shape to the size, even down to the last feather or diamanté. This is your design and you make it how you want it.

If you are having your hat or headpiece made for you, you must remember that this usually takes 4 -6 weeks depending on the time of year. If time is short then it may be worth asking if it can be expressed for you, this may be possible with some milliners but most would charge an express fee as they would then give your creation priority. The most important thing to remember is not to panic! Get to know your milliner and ask to see their other work, ask the right questions that will put your mind at rest that you have chosen a competent milliner. A competent milliner will be able to reassure you they know what they are doing and will make it look perfect for you by listening and advising. As it's difficult for a customer to imagine how it will look most milliners will offer to show you it in stages but most milliners have been designing and making hats and head-wear for years so they know what works and what doesn’t. It’s your design but listen to any thoughts and suggestions they may have.

Another advantage to having a hat made for you is that they will make your hat to fit your head perfectly as opposed to making it to a standard size.

Wearing a hat is like wearing new shoes it will need wearing in and getting used too! Once worn for a while the hat will soften and mould to your head making it easier to wear as time goes on.

Just remember to trust the milliner making your hat; listen to suggestions but make it your own. This is your chance to get a completely unique and one off headdress so make the most of it!