Dyeable Shoes and Bags

Dyeable Shoes and Bags

If you’re having trouble finding a bag and shoes to match your outfit have you considered having them dyed? There are a vast amount of dyeable shoes on the market, from plain satin to lace. There are wide fit and even a comfort fit these are great for all daywear and suitable for any special occasion. Fabulous for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride or groom!

This dyeable shoe service takes away the stress of not only finding a comfortable shoe but no worries of finding the exact colour.

Always try on the shoes before they are dyed. Dyeing the shoes does not alter the fit of the shoe.

However not all shoes can be dyed so check with the supplier before committing to your purchase. Just because a shoe is a light satin this does not mean they will dye as many light colour shoes may have chemicals in eg bleach which will leave the dyed shoe with distortion of colour almost looking like a tie-dye effect.

The colour is made up of a mix of colours and will look different in different lighting so always check colours in natural daylight. Ask to see the colour made up on a sample before it goes onto your shoes.

Dyeable shoes are a little more expensive this is because the fabric has gone through vigorous testing to ensure an even spread of colour.

Go to a reputable company who do in house shoe dyeing, this will save you having to post off your outfit. Some places will show you a colour swatch book we always suggest getting the colour made up specifically to your outfit to ensure a perfect match.

Give yourself around 3 weeks for this service, if you do not have 3 weeks then ask the specialist if they offer an express service.

Remember the dye used will be water-soluble so a waterproof protector is strongly recommended if it is forecast to rain. Consider that they cannot be over dyed if sprayed with a waterproof protector.

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