Things to consider when choosing your Mother of the Bride outfit

Things to consider when choosing your Mother of the Bride outfit

Choosing your outfit points to consider:

  1. Think about comfort its a very long day, this is especially important when choosing shoes.
  2. Follow the theme of the wedding. For example a dress on a beach wedding will be different to a dress for a church.
  3. Think about colour and discuss the wedding colour with the bride, making sure what you purchase will not clash.
  4. Do not purchase anything until you are 100% sure. Take a trusted friend / relative with you that knows you well.
  5. Allow around six months, the more time you have the greater the choice. It gives more time for you to shop for the accessories.
  6. Personality should be considered when choosing an outfit. Buy to suit your shape and look for colours that flatter your skin tone.

Its worth considering having an outfit made, this is more reasonable than you would think and you will have more choice on style and colour and no one will have the same. Most dress makers will make the outfits in accordance to when your wedding falls so I would consider insisting it's made a few months prior to allow time for getting the accessories. 

Try and avoid high street you do not want a guest arriving in your outfit.

Make sure you get expert help with your hat as this is not an every day item so time should be spent trying on a lot of different styles, find somewhere with lots of choice where you can go and know that they will have something. Try the outfit on then try the hats as if you're hiring this will be the only time you will see the items all together. The hat is as important as finding the outfit as it's all about the complete look!

Do not forget the lingerie. Get an expert to measure you for a good fitting bra and as long as hot flushes allow don't forget your spanx! 

Matching nail varnish and waterproof mascara are what most mums forget so book your nails in plenty of time and if you are having a make up artist remember to ask for waterproof mascara.

Never too tight and never too short!

Three words: elegant, understated and appropriate.

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