Does a Mother of the Bride/Groom Have to Wear a Hat?

Does a Mother of the Bride/Groom Have to Wear a Hat?

We always get asked whether a ‘Mother of the Bride/Groom’ needs to wear a hat. The answer? No.

A ‘Mother of the Bride/Groom’ should always feel confident with their look. This is the number one rule when it comes to deciding your accessories. The outfit should always be the main focus when it comes to ‘Mother of the Bride/Grooms’. You do not want to pair the outfit with a headpiece or hat that will overpower it.

Find a headpiece that suits you. If you are not used to wearing anything on your head then you need to ensure you are comfortable on the day. Finding something that suits your face shape will allow you to feel confident. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a hat then it is best to avoid one and opt for a smaller fascinator.

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to wear a hat is the location. If you are going to a ‘posh’ do, then you may wish to wear a hat. If the wedding is more ‘casual’, a smaller fascinator or headpiece would be better suited.

Just remember to have to fun when looking at accessories!