Wedding Hat Etiquette

Wedding Hat Etiquette

There are a few traditions and rules to follow when it comes to wedding hat etiquette.

Dress code

Is there a dress code for guests? Some brides may decide they only want certain types of headwear at the wedding. Check with the bride as you may want to leave larger headpieces at home!

Suit your style

Remember; you wear the hat, the hat doesn’t wear you. Find a hat that will compliment your shape and height. If you’re tall go for a hat with a wide brim and if you’re short go for a smaller hat or a fascinator. Make sure you feel confident but comfortable in whatever you wear.

Mother of the Brides and Mother of the Grooms

A mother of the groom’s hat should never be bigger than the mother of the bride’s. Guests should also never outdo their guests.

Don’t block the shot

It is important to ensure your hat is not blocking your face in any photographs. The bride and groom want you remember all of their guests on the day and would rather a photo of their guest faces’ than their hats!

Stick to tradition

It is tradition to wear your hat on your right and also have your embellishment on the right too, whether this is feathers, flowers, loops, bows or crystals! This is unlike the men, as men should wear their hat on their left.

Bigger is not always better; less is more

Your hat should complement the time of the day the wedding is. The size of the hat should decrease the later the wedding is. You don’t want to be wearing a large hat to an evening wedding. Remember large hats are extravagant and there is no need for them when there is no sun.

The most important rule of wedding hat etiquette is when it is appropriate to remove your hat.

Guests should never remove their hat until the mother of the bride removes hers. Once the mother of the bride removes her hat, it is a signal that hats may now be removed.