Hat Shapes for Face Shapes, what will suit you?

Hat Shapes for Face Shapes, what will suit you?

When choosing a hat it is important to think about the size and shape of the hat that will best suit your face shape. You need to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing so go to a store where they stock a large selection so you can see for yourself what suits you and use the below as a guide.

Classic wide brim hat

These classic hats often have a tall crown with a wide brim. Wide brimmed hats should sit low, sitting just over the brow. Hats like this best suit square and triangular faces as the strong jawline helps balance out the size of the hat.

Angled, rounded brim hat

Angled hats with round brims are the most flattering shaped hats. This shaped hat is very modern as the brim upturns away from the face. The brim is sometimes angled on one side to reveal part of the face. This angled feature is perfect for greeting guests! Heart shaped and rectangular faces best suit this style hat because the narrow face balances out the angle of the hat. 

Low crown, straight brim hat

Hats with a low crown and straight brim are best suited to taller ladies who have strong features. Try to avoid straight, wide brims if you wear glasses as it can be too much going on at eye level. The low crown creates a modern finish as it is all about the brim and the trim.

Upturned hat

Hats with an upturned brim soften the harshness of the hats brim. You will look more flattering in photos when wearing an upturned hat as your face will be visible. This is also perfect for greeting guests as you won’t have anyone knocking your hat off. If you wear glasses, this style hat is best suited to you.


Fascinators are smaller headpieces that are often made on a headband, comb or clip. People with a round or oval shaped face will often find fascinators most suitable as a full hat may swamp your face. Fascinators come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Pillbox hats

Pillbox hats originated in the 1920s and recently came back into fashion thanks to Kate Middleton. A pillbox will create a formal look without having a brim. You will find that a pillbox is usually kept in place by elastic or a headband. A pillbox hat will suit most face shapes.