How to care for your hat

How to care for your hat

A lot of people will tell you to store your hat upside down so the brim is not on a flat surface. This however is only correct for traditional top hats and trilby hats. With a sinamay hat, if you store your hat on the crown, the brim could sink and fall, distorting the hats shape.


Correct handling of your hat will extend your hats life span. You should ensure you never touch your hat with dirty or oily hands. This is also the same for touching your hat whilst wearing gloves. Gloves and hands should be clean when handling the hat. Always pick your hat up from underneath. If you can, try to avoid handling the brim too much as this can miss-shape the hat. Hats should be carried in a hat box, if not rest the crown on your hand so the hat is balancing on your arm. This will stop any heavy handling and damage to the hat. When putting the hat on, push the hat down from the top of the crown, rather than pulling the brim down.


When storing the hat, if you have a hat stand or coat rack, rest the hat on this as this way the brim will not be supporting the hat which can lead to the hat losing its shape. If not, hats can be stored in a hat box. This will also prevent the hat from getting dusty or moist. Hats should be stored away from direct sunlight as the sun can distort the hats colour in time. When the hat is packed away in a hat box, tissue should be put inside the crown to keep its shape while the brim should be protected.

Hats should never be worn in the rain. Rain damage will distort the hats shape as well as losing the hats colour. Likely, heat can also distort the shape so avoid leaving in a car during summer months .

If the hat becomes dented, it can be steamed carefully using an iron or a steamer, we would suggest you take it to a professional milliner.